Virtual simulation

Immerse end customers in their projects and help them make their decisions.

HD photorealistic rendering

You know that joinery projects are a major investment for end customers. Reassure them easily with our high definition photo-realistic rendering.

  • Ultra realistic project representation
  • Shot from the chosen angle
  • Easy sharing by email or social networks
Génération d'un rendu photoréaliste haute définition d'un produit configuré

360° panoramic image

Your products are often modeled in 3D environments and your and customers want an overall view of their design. Help them to project them with 360° HD images.

  • The shooting viewpoint is chosen according to the environment
  • Easy sharing by email or social networks
  • Available for all the 3D configurators
Génération d'une image panoramique à 360° d'un produit configuré

Virtual reality

You need the most efficient media for convincing easily. Virtual reality means that your end customers are directly immersed in their configurations.

  • Immersion in the barely configured environment
  • Discovery of products modeled in 3D
  • Accessible with virtual reality glasses. Find out more.

Virtual situation setting up

End customers need a realistic display of their configuration. Develop their purchasing relevance by integrating the configured products into the photo of their environment.

  • Importing of customer environment photos
  • Integration with scaling and without graphic loss
  • Available for garage doors, gates and façades
Mise en situation virtuelle sur une photo d'un produit configuré

Help end customers make their decisions

Uses adjusted to every need

Offer a multi-target solution to take the purchasing experience even further.

Configuration accompaniment

Help end customers visually represent their projects while accompanying them in their decisions.

  • Generation of a QR code in the configuration or interface
  • Project recovery in the professional’s smartphone
  • Real-time accompaniment of the end customer

Use in total independence

Give end customers reassurance in their choices and preferences with the independent use of virtual simulation.

  • Generation of a QR code in the estimate submitted to the customer
  • Project recovery in the private customer’s smartphone
  • Totally independent emotional from the home

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Help end customers make their decisions