Management & Administration

An overall solution for distribution to salespeople, manufacturers and retailers,
to ensure that commercial proposals and their conversions go through.


Development of customer portfolio for manufacturers

With digital conversion, you want to rationalize your in-house workload by developing your sales. With our innovations, this process can be externalized among your customers.

Convert prospects and increase your turnover with existing customers by disseminating a differentiating service.

Analyze your return on investment using statistical modules linked with the uses of your solution.

Optimize your existing processes by simplifying relations between sales teams and sales administration.

Development of sales among and customers for retailers

Yes, you’ve got it, the key factors for success among your customers are reactivity and self-sufficiency. To do this, we are convinced that only a complete solution can make a difference.

Help your retailers finalize complete estimates by incorporating their purchase discounts and additional services.

Reduce the order confirmation times using Electronic Data Exchange (EDE).

Accompany your retailers in improving their customer relations to obtain more conversions.


Disseminate an overall solution and develop your turnover

Solutions tailored for each retailer.

Because your needs may differ from what your professional customers expect,
we have appropriate tools for addressing everybody’s problem.

Multi-supplier platform

Address the needs of your retailers who want all the supplier libraries handled by a single tool.

  • Management application belonging to the retailer
  • Generation of multi-product & multi-supplier estimates
  • Integration of end customer database
  • Platform accessible from

Mono-supplier extranet

Offer your retailers a dedicated interface incorporating additional services to strengthen your customer relations.

  • Management application in the image of the manufacturer.
  • Generation of multi-product & mono-supplier estimates
  • Development of additional modules (after-sales support, spare parts etc.)
  • Pro space accessible from manufacturer Internet site


Dissemination of configurator

Dissemination of configurator

  • Access management
  • Traders & Hardware Stores
  • Craftsmen & Installers

Sales management

Sales management

  • Customer & estimate files
  • Purchasing discounts & related services
  • EDI orders

Statistical modules

Statistical modules

  • Detailed manufacturer statistics
  • Accumulated retailer statistics
  • Conversion factors

Digitized documents (EDM)

Digitized documents (EDM)

  • Customized annexes
  • Media library
  • Requests for PDF estimates

Lead management

Lead management

  • Estimate request transfer
  • Finalization without further input
  • File monitoring



  • Administration & Production ERP
  • Estimation tools
  • Monitoring & Analytics
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Disseminate an overall solution and develop your turnover