Digitizing exhibition settings

Set yourself apart from the competition by setting up a unique purchasing experience.

App for touchscreen tablet

With more and more consumers being connected, you will need to reinvent your points of sale. We will help you in your approach with a purchasing assistance tool for touchscreen tablets.

  • The configuration is simplified, based on your aesthetic preferences
  • Innovative purchasing pathway
  • Thought for our touchscreen tables. Find out more.
Application de configuration pensée pour les tables tactiles

Solution for the professional image

On all your media, you must bring your marketing strategy to the forefront. Therefore, we have designed an application charted in your image, with inspiration modules connected to the configurators.

  • Integration of the professional graphic charter
  • Highlighting of the manufacturer & retailer brand content
  • Tailor-made development of specific
Application pour table tactile chartée à l'image du professionnel avec configurateur et contenu de marque personnalisé

Digital-in-Store purchasing experience

The online store has become the standard for generating traffic. The configurator tools accompany end customers in their approach and create an event in your exhibition areas.

  • Allowance made for purchasing preferences
  • Assistance in making choices and with complementary modules
  • Creation of a cross-channel project
Application digital-in-store avec configurateur

Set up a unique purchasing experience

An approach to suit every player in your sector

Develop your image while generating traffic at physical locations.

Enhance the products

Present your differentiating service in your showrooms or add professional exhibitions to strengthen your image with your professional customers.

  • Complete presentation of the product catalog
  • Competitive differentiation
  • Development of supplier / retailer relations

Direct sale to private parties

Digitize your point-of-sale and your booths at trade fairs to improve public reception and attract additional customers.

  • Establish interactivity at the point-of-sale
  • Cement customer loyalty relations in the store
  • Analytical feedback about trends

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Set up a unique purchasing experience